Life Lately Vol.2

Last week was pretty relaxing.  I was able to get out with the girls to run a couple of very quick errands for the first time, which I’m calling a huge WIN!  Our quiet week led up to a busy, busy Labor Day weekend.  We went on our very first road trip as a family of four, and the girls did much better than we expected them to.  We have a big trip coming up next month, so if this past weekend was any indication as to how that trip will go, we are going to have a great time!

I have been having too much fun lately dressing the girls alike.  When we first found out that baby number two was another girl, my immediate reaction was BUY ALL THE MATCHING CLOTHES.  Thankfully, their grandmothers both felt the same way, so these girls have quite the closets of matching clothes.  These MudPie outfits are two of my favorites!


Lacey Ruth clearly thinks that Addy Grace is just a big baby doll because she’s constantly laying her own baby dolls down beside her to take “naps.”  There are always baby dolls lying randomly around our house because that’s Lacey Ruth’s favorite toy ever, at the moment.

We are working on tummy muscles with Addy Grace.  She is not a big fan of tummy time, though.  We do tummy time several times throughout the day, but we also try to get in some good practice on other skills.

My parents live about ten minutes down the road from our house, so we usually spend a lot of time with them during the week.  Right now, they are on a big vacation out West, and we are missing them so much!  Thankfully, we got some sweet time in visiting with them before they left last week, and I caught this moment between Lacey Ruth and my dad.  These two are inseparable, and I love it!

The girls spent a couple of hours with my parents the afternoon before they left so that I could a pedicure by myself (HALLELUJAH!).  This was Lacey Ruth’s reaction to me telling her that she was headed to Nonna’s and Papa’s.  Right now, EVERY gift bag is her “purse.”

On Wednesday, I took the girls on a quick walk through the neighborhood.  It was way too hot to stay out for long.  Full discretion, it took a good 45 minutes to get out the door for a 15 minute walk.  Nothing happens quickly around here.  I thought I finally had everything together and had even gotten one girl buckled into the stroller.  Then, someone pooped.  We all headed back inside to get cleaned up and start over.  I am learning that slow is our new normal, and that’s okay.

On a totally different note, we are so very ready for fall weather around here!  Hands down, my favorite day of the year is the first cool, crisp day in September.  Our weatherman is reporting cooler temps here by the end of the week, and we plan to take full advantage!




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