Friday Favorites No. 1

Happy Friday, friends!  As a blog reader, Friday Favorites posts are always on the top of my list for must-reads.  I’ve come across some great product recommendations in the past.  So, I’m happy to jump in and share a few of my own, while also sharing general “favorites”/recent activities.

1.  The Collection by Chesapeake Bay Candle

These candles are such a favorite right now.  I’m a sucker for a good candle, but I feel like there are so many “not good” candles out there.  When you find a few that work well, you should stick with them.  I used to be an avid Bath and Body Works candle fan, but I’ve transitioned away from those in the past couple of years.  Because our entryway/living room/kitchen is all one large open area, it’s really hard to find something that works well and is fragrant enough to cover such a large space.  Thankfully, I’ve finally found a company I LOVE that is also affordable.  My absolute favorite scent for every day is Tamarind Spice, but it looks like it must have been discontinued.  I’ve been stalking Target for months, and they are nowhere to be found.  Brown Sugar Chestnut is a close second — perfect for fall.  It’s what I have currently burning every day as I’m eagerly awaiting the end of summer.  Anyone else??

2.  LipSense

Date night with Luke, wearing LipSense Roseberry.

I’d been hearing the hype on this product for a while now and had no desire to try it out for myself.  That is, until my mom raved about how much she loved this product.  So, last week, my mom invited a local consultant to come to her house to pitch the product to my mom, my sister, and me.  We all loved it and purchased started kits.  Here’s a very short, basic description:  it’s a lip product that does not come off.  You  basically put three layers of an alcohol-based color on your naked lip and follow it up with a shiny gloss that enhances the look.  The gloss can be removed, but the color is stuck.  I wore it for a date night with Luke over the weekend, and it was so nice to know that I didn’t need to reapply any color throughout the night.

Don’t worry — her applicator didn’t have any product!

3. The Happy Hour Podcasts

This isn’t a new favorite for me.  I first started listening around the beginning of the year and have been a faithful follower ever since.  There are several podcasts that I listen to regularly, but this is definitely my #1.  I know so many people are already super familiar with Jamie Ivey and The Happy Hour, but, for those who aren’t, Jamie’s a 30-something mom whose husband is involved in music ministry in Austin, TX.  Each week, sometimes twice a week, she interviews women who are doing big things in the name of Jesus.  Many of these women run businesses, write books, speak publicly, or have some sort of ministry-minded platform.  Jamie is fun and asks the same questions you would ask if you were sitting across the coffee table from these ladies.  I look forward to each Wednesday when a new interview is posted.  Trust me, you’ll love it!

4.  Birthday celebrations with family

Pea Pickin’ Cake — so, so good

I blogged about my birthday celebrations with Luke and the girls here.  We also had a little family gathering with my parents, siblings, and grandparents on Saturday night.  My mom cooked a huge meal, and we all ate and talked for a few hours.  It was great to be together, but it’s also hard right now with a teeny tiny one.  Addy Grace still nurses around the clock, especially in the evenings, so, even at my party, I had to leave several times to feed her.  It’s a little isolating, but I know it’s a season.  All in all, it was a really great night!


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